We are business consultants

Consulting is actually a commonplace practice. Who has never sought advice or asked guidance from someone else? We believe the consultant is a mediator between the organization and its environment, or ecosystem. The consultant brings perspective.

Our role is simple: Helping companies to make decisions that will build more sustainable and responsible business in Myanmar by analyzing the business environment and identifying the key factors that need to be addressed.

What is a sustainable and responsible business?
The primary responsibility of any business is to be profitable. However, some businesses are more responsible than others by paying attention to the way they make these profits. They strive to build an ecosystem which will benefit all their stakeholders, and will therefore be able to create and sustain value. These businesses are inclusive, accountable, and transparent.
But what does creating shared value mean? It means generating profit to fuel and fund the development of the business, paying its fair share of tax, providing good working conditions for employees, and dealing fairly with their suppliers and local communities.
We are convinced that responsible and sustainable businesses will be instrumental in building a stronger Myanmar. We strive to provide them with the tools and insights to do so.

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