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Pwint Thit Sa 2020

The research phase of the 2020 report on Transparency in Myanmar Enterprises (TiME), also known as Pwint Thit Sa, is now underway.

The Pwint Thit Sa report will issue in October 2020.

Presentation on the scoring process shared during the Webinar (14 May 2020)

MCRB and Yever held a webinar on 14 May to explain the scoring process so far.  Companies who wish to discuss their draft score are invited to contact transparency@myanmar-responsiblebusiness.org or transparency@yever.org


Results of the preliminary assessment

Letters and emails have been sent to the companies (where we have contact details) to provide them with their draft scores and invited them to disclose more information to increase their final score – which will be based on websites at 31 August 2020.

In the preliminary scoring process, it was found that 161 out of 277 companies (58%) have functioning websites (up from 56% in 2019). For the first round of assessment, the overall average score was 5%, as it was in the 2019 report. However, only 30 companies have updated their websites in the last year. Average draft scores for companies in different categories are:

Number of companiesAverage score
(2019 final score in brackets)
Top 101047% (50%)
Publicly listed companies629% (32%)
Financial Institutions (*)36
8% (11%)
Privately owned companies182
4% (4%)
Public companies66
3% (3%)
State-owned enterprises23
2% (3%)

(*) Financial institutions are also included in the scores for listed, private and public companies, and SOEs, as appropriate.



Presentation shared during the launching event


Press release



List of companies


PTS 2020 criteria