Our purpose is simple: building better organizations for the future of Myanmar. It shapes our actions, daily, and guides us in everything we do.

Yever believes that businesses can be a driving force for shaping a better society.

Indeed, a responsible business should not profit from the people, the community, and the environment, but should instead benefit them. Being responsible makes that business trustworthy for its current and potential stakeholders. This shift is the cornerstone for building future-ready organizations.

We strive to support the transformation of such organizations in Myanmar and to restore the confidence one can have in businesses that are responsibly managed.

To achieve it, we serve business leaders and help them to:

  • Define the purpose of their organization which will contribute to building a meaningful strategy
  • Set ambitious and long-term goals that will support the transformation of the organization
  • Embrace transparency and accountability, beyond mandatory requirements, for leading by example and deserving the trust of their stakeholders



In all we do, we are guided by our core values:

  • We work with commitment.

  • We are convinced that flexibility contributes to shaping sustainable solutions.

  • We embrace positivity in meeting our challenges.

  • We are curious to understand fully what is at stake.

  • We value sincerity in¬†everything we do.