• Nicolas Delange

    Nicolas Delange

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Nicolas Delange / Founder & Managing Partner

    Before creating Yever, Nicolas used to lead the Sustainability Advisory team of EY (Ernst & Young) in Paris. He has strong consulting experience, helping the largest French companies to include CSR in their corporate strategy. He specializes both in developing messages that enable companies to communicate their results efficiently to their stakeholders and in improving the sustainability of their business model. He also has expertise in leading stakeholder panels, training and raising CSR awareness. Nicolas acquired the skills necessary to drive IT projects, especially on issues concerning customer relationship management. He has conducted studies on innovative topics: the carbon footprint of banks, trends in non-financial communication and integrated reporting.

    Nicolas also works as IFC’s consultant on corporate governance: he contributed to establish the first Myanmar Corporate Governance scorecard together with the SECM, DICA and YSX.

    Nicolas holds an MA (Master of Art) in Global Communication and a Masters degree in HR Management and Communication from Paris Sorbonne University. Nicolas is a Director of CCI France in Myanmar.

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  • Vanina Butori

    Vanina Butori

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Vanina Butori / Founder & Managing Partner

    Vanina has a strong track record in Human Resources management. She has gained expertise in various fields of HR, including legal topics, social dialogue, administrative management, payroll, compensation and benefits. She used to work in the banking and the naval defence sectors, both at the head office and on the construction site, which allows her to understand business issues both at macro and micro level. Vanina acquired skills in team leadership, especially change management, by leading large teams of people in contexts of downsizing, as well as in facility closure.

    Vanina holds a Masters degree in both Labour Law and Human Resources Management, as well as a Masters degree in Anthropology.

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  • Maddy



    Maddy / Consultant

    Maddy joined Yever in 2017. Since then, Maddy has worked for Myanmar businesses from different sectors to enhance their responsible business practices and reporting. For corporate transparency, Maddy leads the assessment and data analysis of the transparency of Myanmar companies for all Pwint Thit Sa Reports that Yever has been a part of. Maddy was also a team leader in projects to produce clients’ sustainability reports/ annual reports. Maddy has experience in developing the sustainability strategy for Myanmar companies. Besides, Maddy also facilitated training sessions related to goal setting for SME business owners and entrepreneur associations. ​

    Maddy holds a bachelor of French Language from Yangon University of Foreign Languages and a diploma in Business Management (ABE UK).

    Maddy enjoys working at Yever as the colleagues are supportive. She has dogs named Cookie and Noël. She loves to spend time with her family, friends and dogs.

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  • Moe Thein Gi Nwe

    Moe Thein Gi Nwe


    Moe Thein Gi Nwe / Consultant

    Moe joined Yever in 2017. She specializes in reporting and has worked on annual reports, sustainability reports, and corporate communication for different clients. She is also in charge of Yever’s consultancy services for SMEs. Her role is to identify potential clients and opportunities, and she leads the projects. She is also working for Yever Environment Management System and Operational processes. Before joining Yever, she worked as a PR officer for a non-government organisation for over a year.

    As Moe is a football fan and addicted to travelling, her biggest dream is to travel and watch the matches in person in a unique atmosphere and learn new things.

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  • Wai Yan Kyaw

    Wai Yan Kyaw


    Wai Yan Kyaw / Consultant

    Wai Yan Kyaw has a background in the maritime industry. He graduated from Myanmar Maritime University and worked onboard foreign-going tanker vessels managing a small group of four to five people on a daily basis.

    Since joining Yever, he has been involved in various projects that help improve organisations’ sustainability and longevity from different sectors and industries such as retail, telecommunication, oil and gas, NGOs, and INGOs. He is experienced in uplifting corporate communication, improving transparency of businesses, and developing annual reports, sustainability reports, and impact reports. He is also experienced in engaging with business leaders in the country and helping them improve their business integrity and ethics. Internally, he is responsible for ensuring Yever’s information system is set up and kept updated to deliver projects efficiently.

    During his free time, he loves listening to music, reading books and binging series and anime; his favourite series is Friends. As a hobby, he is into landscape and macro photography.

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  • Sandar Yaw

    Sandar Yaw


    Sandar Yaw / Housekeeping

    Ma Sandar Yaw joined Yever in 2019, working in housekeeping. She makes sure the office environment is clean and tidy. She is hardworking and makes sure she follows our environmental management system, such as managing our waste recycling bins and saving electricity and water usage. Her interest is to learn about organic waste management. She likes planting trees.

  • Shwe Mar

    Shwe Mar

    Internal Operations Consultant

    Shwe Mar / Internal Operations Consultant

    Shwe Mar is responsible for ensuring all internal operations contribute to maintaining Yever’s brand and work with the highest quality and ethical conduct standards throughout all projects. She has almost five years of experience working in the private sector in corporate social responsibility and continued her career as a stakeholder engagement specialist for three years.

    Shwe Mar is passionate about working on environmental and sustainable development challenges in diverse communities in Myanmar. She likes to travel around the world and learn about different cultures. She holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a diploma in development studies. She is also an alumni of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative.

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  • Duwon Soe Tun

    Duwon Soe Tun

    Junior Analyst

    Duwon Soe Tun / Junior Analyst

    Duwon supports projects related to corporate transparency, business sustainability, and communication. He is interested in data analysis pertaining to business, and he tries to improve his knowledge at Yever.

    Duwon is an undergraduate student in his second year specializing in English at Yangon University of Foreign Languages. He is also studying Business Management at STI Myanmar University. In his free time, he enjoys doing Film or Mobile Photography. He loves both cats and dogs but adores golden retrievers the most.

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  • Khant Kyaw Za

    Khant Kyaw Za

    Junior Analyst

    Khant Kyaw Za / Junior Analyst

    Khant is part of the team responsible for corporate communication and sustainability reports. He is also part of the team providing business consultancy services for SMEs. Khant has suspended his English literature studies at WYU since the start of the pandemic. He was an active and engaging volunteer of the American Center iNature Environmental Club before and during the pandemic. Before joining Yever, he was a media monitoring intern in a multinational PR company.

    He is curious and enthusiastic and seeks to get as much experience as possible from his working and personal environment. Khant enjoys music to the next level. He also enjoys movies, books, and spending time at pubs with friends and colleagues.

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  • Khin Su Wai Phyo

    Khin Su Wai Phyo

    Junior Analyst

    Khin Su Wai Phyo / Junior Analyst

    Khin Su Wai Phyo is a junior analyst at Yever who analyses and creates reports and presentations. As a good team player, she supports the team and works with different stakeholders to contribute to the social and environmental performance of the company and the company’s strategic goals. Despite having Yever as her first job, she shows her skills while working on big projects which involve huge data and in-depth analysis.

    As a student of Yangon Technological University, she has outstanding experiences with her schoolwork as she was chosen as an intern at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. Although she studied engineering and computer science, she holds her interest in learning Korean and script-writing. As a person who balances life and work, she enjoys spending her personal time to the fullest.

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  • Bu Htang Pai

    Bu Htang Pai

    Project Officer

    Bu Htang Pai / Project Officer

    Bu Htang Pai, is from Chin State, Paletwa Township, he started working at Yever in 2021.  He mainly works as a project officer for Environmental Protection, Wildlife Conservation and Plastic Waste Management under Yever’s Social Empowerment Project, implementing in designated villages in Chin State.

    Bu Htang Pai formerly worked as a development department officer in a religious organization (Church of the Province of Myanmar, Sittwe Diocese) before joining Yever. He is passionate about rural development and loves to travel.

  • Hmung Pi

    Hmung Pi

    Manager of The Lab

    Hmung Pi / Manager of The Lab

    Hmung Pi has more than 5 years of extensive track record in the SMEs development sector in Myanmar by assisting micro, small and medium enterprises to improve their business skills and knowledge. He worked as a consultant for international development agencies such as British Council Myanmar, GIZ Myanmar and International Labor Organization. His work included research, strategic consulting, business development, coaching and mentorship to micro, small and medium business owners in Myanmar. Hmung Pi is passionate in sharing his knowledge, developing individuals and helping positive impact business in Myanmar.

    He loves to play football and badminton and loves to read books in his free time. In his holidays, he enjoy adventure travel activities such as trekking, hiking and exploring the countryside of Myanmar.