• Nicolas Delange

    Nicolas Delange

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Nicolas Delange / Founder & Managing Partner

    Before creating Yever, Nicolas used to lead the Sustainability Advisory team of EY (Ernst & Young) in Paris. He has strong consulting experience, helping the largest French companies to include CSR in their corporate strategy. He specializes both in developing messages that enable companies to communicate their results efficiently to their stakeholders and in improving the sustainability of their business model. He also has expertise in leading stakeholder panels, training and raising CSR awareness. Nicolas acquired the skills necessary to drive IT projects, especially on issues concerning customer relationship management. He has conducted studies on innovative topics: the carbon footprint of banks, trends in non-financial communication and integrated reporting.

    Nicolas also works as IFC’s consultant on corporate governance: he contributed to establish the first Myanmar Corporate Governance scorecard together with the SECM, DICA and YSX.

    Nicolas holds an MA (Master of Art) in Global Communication and a Masters degree in HR Management and Communication from Paris Sorbonne University. Nicolas is a Director of CCI France in Myanmar.

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  • Vanina Butori

    Vanina Butori

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Vanina Butori / Founder & Managing Partner

    Vanina has a strong track record in Human Resources management. She has gained expertise in various fields of HR, including legal topics, social dialogue, administrative management, payroll, compensation and benefits. She used to work in the banking and the naval defence sectors, both at the head office and on the construction site, which allows her to understand business issues both at macro and micro level. Vanina acquired skills in team leadership, especially change management, by leading large teams of people in contexts of downsizing, as well as in facility closure.

    Vanina holds a Masters degree in both Labour Law and Human Resources Management, as well as a Masters degree in Anthropology.

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  • Maddy



    Maddy / Consultant

    Maddy joined Yever in 2017. Since then, Maddy has worked for Myanmar businesses from different sectors to enhance their responsible business practices and reporting. For corporate transparency, Maddy leads the assessment and data analysis of the transparency of Myanmar companies for all Pwint Thit Sa Reports that Yever has been a part of. Maddy was also a team leader in projects to produce clients’ sustainability reports/ annual reports. Maddy has experience in developing the sustainability strategy for Myanmar companies. Besides, Maddy also facilitated training sessions related to goal setting for SME business owners and entrepreneur associations. ​

    Maddy holds a bachelor of French Language from Yangon University of Foreign Languages and a diploma in Business Management (ABE UK).

    Maddy enjoys working at Yever as the colleagues are supportive. She has dogs named Cookie and Noël. She loves to spend time with her family, friends and dogs.

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  • Moe Thein Gi Nwe

    Moe Thein Gi Nwe


    Moe Thein Gi Nwe / Consultant

    Moe joined Yever in 2017. She specializes in reporting and has worked on annual reports, sustainability reports, and corporate communication for different clients. She is also in charge of Yever’s consultancy services for SMEs. Her role is to identify potential clients and opportunities, and she leads the projects. She is also working for Yever Environment Management System and Operational processes. Before joining Yever, she worked as a PR officer for a non-government organisation for over a year.

    As Moe is a football fan and addicted to travelling, her biggest dream is to travel and watch the matches in person in a unique atmosphere and learn new things.

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  • Sandar Yaw

    Sandar Yaw


    Sandar Yaw / Housekeeping

    Ma Sandar Yaw joined Yever in 2019, working in housekeeping. She makes sure the office environment is clean and tidy. She is hardworking and makes sure she follows our environmental management system, such as managing our waste recycling bins and saving electricity and water usage. Her interest is to learn about organic waste management. She likes planting trees.

  • Bu Htang Pai

    Bu Htang Pai

    Project Officer

    Bu Htang Pai / Project Officer

    Bu Htang Pai, is from Chin State, Paletwa Township, he started working at Yever in 2021.  He mainly works as a project officer for Environmental Protection, Wildlife Conservation and Plastic Waste Management under Yever’s Social Empowerment Project, implementing in designated villages in Chin State.

    Bu Htang Pai formerly worked as a development department officer in a religious organization (Church of the Province of Myanmar, Sittwe Diocese) before joining Yever. He is passionate about rural development and loves to travel.

  • Hmung Pi

    Hmung Pi

    Manager of The Lab

    Hmung Pi / Manager of The Lab

    Hmung Pi has more than 5 years of extensive track record in the SMEs development sector in Myanmar by assisting micro, small and medium enterprises to improve their business skills and knowledge. He worked as a consultant for international development agencies such as British Council Myanmar, GIZ Myanmar and International Labor Organization. His work included research, strategic consulting, business development, coaching and mentorship to micro, small and medium business owners in Myanmar. Hmung Pi is passionate in sharing his knowledge, developing individuals and helping positive impact business in Myanmar.

    He loves to play football and badminton and loves to read books in his free time. In his holidays, he enjoy adventure travel activities such as trekking, hiking and exploring the countryside of Myanmar.

  • Zar Chi Theint

    Zar Chi Theint

    Office Administrator

    Zar Chi Theint / Office Administrator

    Zar Chi Theint started as an Intern and is now the Office Administrator. Her responsibilities include keeping the office running smoothly on a daily basis, making sure there are always enough supplies, and managing important office files. Additionally, she provides support to The Lab’s team and is always looking for ways to learn and grow.

    She enjoys travelling and taking pictures of green landscapes and is interested in learning new and different things.

  • Yin Myo Wai

    Yin Myo Wai


    Yin Myo Wai / Analyst

    Yin Myo Wai is a skilled and dedicated junior analyst who meticulously collects and assesses information for projects emphasising human rights and sustainable business practices. Her passion lies in closely examining the progress of businesses in Myanmar and making significant contributions to their long-term sustainability.

    Yin Myo Wai was a student of Political Science at the University of Yangon before the pandemic hit. She is passionate about business management and planning, which led her to get an ACCA diploma in Accounting and Business. Her research experience also made her quite interested in Economics.

    Apart from this, Yin Myo Wai loves meeting new people and binge-watching different shows in her free time.

  • Aye Thiri Aung

    Aye Thiri Aung

    Junior Analyst

    Aye Thiri Aung / Junior Analyst

    Aye Thiri Aung’s responsibilities include gathering data and documents from various sources in order to gain insights for better analysis. She works closely with her team leader and provides effective outcomes for her teammates. She is interested in empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and wants to create better conditions for them.

    She has a degree in computer science from the University of Computer Studies, Yangon. She previously worked in the banking loan sector for low-income families and has always been passionate about supporting people who needed help and assistance. Currently, she volunteers in a youth training program led by women working in Myanmar and other countries.

    In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and reading books, which helps her to be a better person.

  • Zam Cin Mang

    Zam Cin Mang

    Junior Analyst

    Zam Cin Mang / Junior Analyst

    Zam works on various sustainability and responsible business projects and supports The Lab’s initiatives for SMEs. With over two years of experience in start-up consulting and local social enterprise business, Zam is well-equipped with the necessary skills to contribute to the team’s success. He is also a freelance content writer and social media marketing specialist, providing services to a few local SMEs.

    Zam’s passion for sustainable development, entrepreneurship, and responsible business is evident in his spare time, where he shares his knowledge and insights on his YouTube channel. He holds a Tourism and Hospitality Management degree from Mandalar University in Mandalay and enjoys travelling, vlogging and volunteering.

  • Saung Hnin Wai

    Saung Hnin Wai


    Saung Hnin Wai / Housekeeping

    Saung Hnin Wai is responsible for taking care of office and outdoor cleanliness, as well as the greening of office plants. By ensuring that waste materials are disposed of properly, she is actively supporting Yever’s waste management program.

    During her free time, Saung Hnin Wai likes reading books. She is interested in taking care of plants and creating handmade materials.

  • Mai Phyu Phyu Aung

    Mai Phyu Phyu Aung

    IT Portfolio Consultant

    Mai Phyu Phyu Aung / IT Portfolio Consultant

    Phyu Phyu has a range of work experience in computing, web design, documentation, customer service, sales, and administration fields with more than nine years’ experience in a variety of businesses. She graduated with a BA in Economics from Dagon University and a BSc. (Honours) in Computing and Information Systems from London Metropolitan University, UK.

    Phyu Phyu is dedicated to harnessing her IT technical expertise to support Yever’s objectives and commitment to a socially responsible business model. She uses her IT skills to streamline processes, improve system performance, develop new systems, comply with best practices, and enhance the overall IT infrastructure in order to meet the evolving needs of organizations. She is passionate about expanding her knowledge and skill sets by constantly learning and exploring new technologies.

    Phyu Phyu loves all forms of art. She likes to do sketching, digital art design, embroidery as well as enjoy music and watch movies. She also loves traveling to new places and likes to bake and cook in her free time.

  • May Htet Hlaing

    May Htet Hlaing

    Internal Operations Manager

    May Htet Hlaing / Internal Operations Manager

    May Htet Hlaing joined Yever in June 2023 to ensure all internal operations contribute to maintaining Yever’s brand and work with the highest quality and ethical conduct standards throughout all projects.

    May Htet Hlaing hold a master’s degree from Yangon University in English language and literature. She has 10-plus years of experience working in both the non-profit and the private sectors in Human Resources and Operation Management. She has developed a diverse range of skills from various industries: education, fashion and retail, and even PR and communications.

    May Htet Hlaing is enthusiastic, always radiating excitement and passion in everything she does. She’s a social butterfly who loves to connect with people and is a bundle of positive energy!

    May Htet Hlaing loves to explore new ideas and brings them to life. She often travels off-the-beaten-track destinations as she craves that sense of discovery and growth. She’s an absolute adventurer at heart!

  • Sithu Khin Maw

    Sithu Khin Maw


    Sithu Khin Maw / Driver

    Si Thu Khin Maw’s role is to safely operate the company vehicle to transport employees and materials to their designated locations and to assist with office administration tasks as required.

    Before starting work at Yever, Ko Si Thu Khin Maw worked in his family business. Then, he worked as a car dealer and a driver in two private companies. He is a person who loves driving and is also fond of going on vacation. He is also a person who likes to participate in charity work.

  • Khin Thandar

    Khin Thandar

    Consultant (Business & Biodiversity)

    Khin Thandar / Consultant (Business & Biodiversity)

    Khin Thandar joined Yever in September 2023. She holds an LL.B from Yangon University and an LL.M in International Maritime Law from IMO-IMLI in Malta.

    She has over 30 years of working experience. Khin has served for two decades in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, up to the level of Deputy Director/Head of the International Law and Treaties Division. Since leaving government service, she has served as a Legal Advisor for the DFDL international law firm, Legal Advisor to the Wildlife Conservation Society-Myanmar Program, and as a Legal Consultant for six ADB technical assistance programs consecutively, relating to law reforms. She has provided technical expertise in the drafting process of several national legislations and national level plans.  Khin is currently a visiting faculty member of Parami University, teaching environmental/climate change laws, and is also one of the  Founding Board Members of the Myanmar Biodiversity Fund.

    As the world intensifies its efforts to fulfil the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, and the goals and targets of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, nature credit markets are emerging across the global economy to fill the financial gap needed to protect natural capital adequately. Khin is spearheading Yever’s expanded services in the nature credit market.

  • Thant Zin Paing

    Thant Zin Paing

    Office Operations Coordinator

    Thant Zin Paing / Office Operations Coordinator

    Thant Zin manages day-to-day office tasks, including administrative support, communication, and HR assistance. He also coordinates troubleshooting issues, identifies areas for improvement in office operations, implements efficiency measures, and strives for continuous improvement while fostering the teamwork.

    Thant Zin has a strong background in administration and is eager to bring his skills to the organization. He is motivated by the belief that continuous learning is the key to personal and professional enrichment.

    Thant Zin enjoys reading, listening to music, exploring new destinations, and dynamic personality.